Akashic Records; Milano Italy


Group Show: Samantha Vichi, Olga Spreduti, Karin Zrinjski, Ana Mrovlje
Via Bernardo Davanzati 51

The works of four artists sprout from the vast collective reservoir and serve to unravel the mystery of unified memories and encounters through randomness, chance and timing. The exhibition subtly connects the artists from different countries and exposes their own inter-connectedness that unites them and their works by chance.

Pokrij ušesa; Chiudi gli occhi, copri le orecchie, Piran Slovenia

18.9.2022 – 15.10.2022

Duo show; Ana Mrovlje, Karin Zrinjski in Piranski svetilnik, text by Fabio Ranzolin

Artisti di Future Tense Gallery, Breno Italy

22.7.2022 – 23.7.2022

Group show by Future Tense Gallery in Chiesa di Sant Antonio, curated by Eyenga Bokamba, Breno Italy

The castle of crossed destinies, Porto Portugal

12.11. – 31.12.2021

Adelisa Selimbašić [GER], Ana Mrovlje [SLO] Emily Mannion [IRL], Hyun Cho [SKO], Lorenzo Modica [ITA], Ludovico Orombelli [ITA], Pau Masclans [ESP] e Sérgio Leitão [POR]

Group show at Galeria Dinamo, curated by Giulio Verago

The exhibition concept took inspiration by the novel “The Castle of Crossed Destinies”, written in 1973 by Italian writer Italo Calvino. In the novel’s fictional plot the protagonists use Tarots imaginative power to create a common language able to overcome the sense of strangeness. Likewise the artists gathered for this exhibition came from different cities and different countries to share the experience of an artist residency in Milano. Most part of the works shown here have been realized during the residency, nurtured by constant dialog and sharing of the time of life, work and love. In presenting to you this “cornucopia” of diverse outcomes I consider myself a partner in crime more than a curator, or better said a gardener, the facilitator of a process of growth. I hope you can enjoy the fruits and notice the subtle game of affinities unfolding freely, without a planned preparation.

Part Time Human, Ljubljana SIovenia

01.09. – 30.09.2021

Galerija Kresija, Solo


…oosh, came down the floor. The gallery space loudly shifted downwards like an elevator in free fall before suddenly stopping. What had been reliably solid only a minute ago suddenly liquified in its upper crust, leaving Eli standing waist-deep in what seemed to her like a cement-type substance but could as well have been mud. The exact identity of the substance engulfing her limbs was the farthest thing from her mind, as the shift left her disoriented, confused, and for the most part, annoyed by the material betrayal of her surroundings. “What has just happened… how did it… and in an art gallery, of all places…?” The works by Ana Mrovlje take shape as synthetic appendages, prosthetics, and at times counterfeits that imitate the human form: be it the “dramatism” of hair fibers (their intensive shine) or the bending and folding of limbs (their curvatures). In doing so, they point to the looming absence of the thing imitated and to an event already passed, of which only synthetic traces, those resistant to the passing of time, remain. The exhibition is static and singular yet filled with countless potentialities that imbue its space with overlapping fictions.

In our times, Milan Italy

09.7. – 16.7. 2021

Ana Mrovlje, Ludovico Orombelli

Spazio Canonica, curated by Serena Correale and Metareale

Open studio VIR Viafarini, Milan Italy

13.4. – 20.4.2021

Jonathan Colombo, Binta Diaw, Hyun Cho, Giuseppe Lo Schiavo, Nicolò Masiero Sgrinzatto, Ana Mrovlje, Ludovico Orombelli, Adelisa Selimbasic, Arjan Shehaj, Mattia Sugamiele, Vincenzo Zancana

Group show curated by Giulio Verago

ATLAS. Mappe e visioni dal Mediterraneo, Milan Italy

22.4. – 25.4.2021

Gaia Coals, Jonathan Colombo, Sergio Leitao, Francesca Migone, Ana Mrovlje, Jacopo Natoli, Ludovico Orombelli, Vera Pravda, Adelisa Selimbasic, Zafos Xagoraris, Vincenzo Zancana

Group show at VIR Viafarini, curated by Claudia Zanfi

Open studio VIR Viafarini, Milan Italy

11.12. – 18.12.2021

Binta Diaw, Clarissa Falco, Sergio Silva Leitao, Giuseppe Lo Schiavo, Emily Mannion, Nicolò Masiero Sgrinzatto, Pau Masclans Pazos, Francesca Migone, Lorenzo Modica, Ana Mrovlje, Ludovico Orombelli, Mattia Sugamiele, Vincenzo Zancana

Group show curated by Giulio Verago

Ti do la mia parola


Group show online Curated by Butik Collective

In the alienation from the means of production we live in the belief that what we make and what we are becomes an object or a thing rather than what it really is, something made by man in relation to others. What about the body, is it man made? The noise I am referring to is linked to human relationship with the body that is essentially ours, yet it becomes objectified and displaced by others, by ourselves. The finest object in the object system is the body and all bodily. Through capitalistic lenses, the body is the private property of its owner. Therefore it can be seen as a form of capital. As Baudrillard puts it, the body can be understood as a cultural fact and not a natural, biologic one. The body can also be seen as a private fetish, an objectified self- investment of particular powers into the body by their owner and others. Body parts start to possess the projections we put on them, which causes merging between subject desire’s and object’s power. Baudrillard wrote that the fetish arises precisely from this confusion, from the noise between the two.

As Above so Below, Helsinki Finland

28.03.2019 – 19.04.2019

Ana Mrovlje, Otto Urpelainen

Gallery Myymälä2, curated by Timo Tuhkanen and Egle Oddo

An occult theory purports that the physical rainwater actually contains the experience it evokes. “We have been walking in the rain. It is an extremely contemplative, all- encompassing experience. We wrote about it in a text called the Rain Diaries. Afterwards, we bottled some of the rain, consumed drops of it and wrote about that. But what we really want to do is to talk about rain in the language of rain. For that, we have built a water installation to replicate our experience without words, uttering only circles in water”. Based on incognito performative acts, the artist duo examines the correspondence and subjectivity of experience. With a focus on nonmaterial and purely subjective perspectives of things, thoughts and emotions they locate causalities and contrasts hidden beyond the surface of mundane. An experience exists as an almost phantomic witness of materiality. The rain dialogues reveal understandings and misunderstandings of their performative actions that were done individually and eventually reported to the other. The exhibition positions the subject in the space between above and below in order for them to fill the distance .The exhibition is supported by Arts Promotion Centre Finland, National Council for Audiovisual Art.

Physis, Ancona Italy 

04.04.2018 – 08.04.2018

Ana Mrovlje, Claud Hesse, Paola Tassetti, Polisonum Mole Vanvitelliana, curated by Butik Collective

Anechoic/ Brez odmeva, Ljubljana Slovenia 

8.2017 – 31.08.2017

Ana Mrovlje & Dan Allon

Gallery glass atrium – Magistrat

The state of no echo captures the idea of absence, the unrecognized significance of the significant. It becomes clear that the existence of the anechoic state is based on the search for the echo. Like the position of dictators always reveals the trace of the fact they are caught being their own prisoners behind their absolutistic function, so are the personal battles hidden and repressed into the layers of the collective, social conflicts and then played out on the poligon of war territories. The position of a prisoner and a dictator seems interconnected as action and inaction, silence and echo. The authors answer the question about the existence of human destructivity through their personal urgency and involvement which forces one to explore what would rather remain hidden and anechoic.

Embodied Memory, Passariano Codroipo Italy


Group show at Villa Manin

Memory as a Living Matter, Trieste Italy

04.02.2017 – 05.03.2017

Group show at La Sala Umberto Veruda

B#side War: Venice Stage, Venice Italy

14.10. – 22.10.2016

Dan Allon, Manca Bajec, Ana Mrovlje

Group show at Caos Art Gallery, curated by Alessandra Chiericato, Chiara Artico

Lose your Labels, Rome Italy 

18.02.2016 – 21.02.2016

Sara Basta, Ana Mrovlje, Antonio Savoia and Giulia Barra, Claudia Fonti, Lorenzo Giansante

Carrozzerie N.o.t., curated by Anne Kathring Sterling, Anya Pustovaya, Joseph Volpe

Performing Art 3Days, Florence Italy

7.7. – 9.7. 2017

The Constant State of Emergency, performance at Gallery Fornace Pasquinucci