Performance 01


120 min

Venue: Carrozzeria N.ot., Rome Italy

Curated by Anne Kathring Sterling, Anya Pustovaya, Joseph Volpe

In physics the term observer effect refers to changes that the act of observation will make on a phenomenon of being observed. Meaning of Tabula plena is the diametrical opposition of Tabula rasa or the blank slate. Through the performance we created a specific, collective state of mind in the space of the event, which offered the viewer and the performer an investigation of the relation between the observer and the observed one. The central theme is the question: what does it mean to be without any labels or preconditions about ourselves and if this state is even possible. At the event, performers tried to leave all they know about themselves behind in order to capture the gaps that exist beyond the definitions of who we are. This performative ritual invited the people who attended the event to do the same. The work challenges the lines drawn between the performers and the public that is observing the performance. The performers were exposed as tabula rasa but utterly transformed by the projections of the visitors.