Ana Mrovlje, based in Ljubljana, works in the fields of visual and live art. She uses the individual experience as the main medium of her works. Through her art installations and live acts, she draws on ideas and subjects related to the unconscious mind and its encapsulation in the human body. She studied and specialized psychoanalysis at the Sigmund Freud University Vienna and has a background in sculpture. In her projects she aims to trigger a seemingly unconnected chain of associations in a person’s interchangeable perception and offer the viewer a distinctive synthesis in the artwork itself. Through her close investigations of the psyche she questions how individual’s sanity is related to the collective insanity. Each of the projects is a transformative encounter, binding the materialized work with the content. Art has the ability to express what language can not. In her works she provokes the lines drawn between the constructed social perspectives and the prevalent standpoints of individuals by reflecting the blind spots of both.


2017 Installment of Location: Between Present and Future, Our Prime Property

2017 ANECHOIC / BREZ ODMEVA , Ana Mrovlje & Dan Allon, Gallery glass atrium, Town House Ljubljana, Slovenia (upcoming)

2017 B#SIDE WAR  Group exhibition, Treviso, Italy (upcoming)

2017 Performing Art 3Days: THE CONSTANT STATE OF EMERGENCY  performance, Gallery Fornace Pasquinucci, Florence, Italy

2017 Performing Art 3Days: PLEASE I WANT MORE  performance, Gallery Fornace Pasquinucci, Florence, Italy

2017 Opening performance of Anna Halprin (Planetary dance), Viva Arte Viva, Venice Biennale, Giardini, Venice (Italy)

2017 NOWHERE IS NOW HERE  Villa Manin, Passariano, Codroipo UD, Italy

2017 EMBODIED MEMORY  Villa Manin, Passariano, Codroipo UD, Italy


2016 SIT DOWN AND DEAL WITH WAR INSIDE OF YOU (interactive installation), Caos Art gallery Venezia, Venice, Italy

2016  DRUGI / ANOTHER  Universal Atelier of Street Art, Ljubljana, Slovenia (solo)

2016  MAYDAY  Venice International Performance Week, C32 Workshop series with Vest & Page

2016  UNESCO International Art Education Week

2016  YOU ARE A REFUGEE  Lose Your Labels  Carrozzerie N.o.t. Rome, Italy

2016  TABULA PLENA  Lose Your Labels, performance, Carrozzerie N.o.t. Rome, Italy

2015  READ MY LIPS  Gallery space Central Station, Ljubljana, Slovenia (solo)

2015  PEACESTOOL Sessel Festwoche, Hallein, Austria

2015  INTIMATENESS Gallery ECONTEMPORARY, Trieste, Italy (solo)

2015  WERKSHAU Alte Saline, Salzburg-Hallein, Austria

2015  SCHMIEDE  Through the City, performance, Hallein, Austria

2015  PRIMAVERA Gallery of Fine Art Association Maribor, Slovenia

2015  ARTEFATTO_RESET Palazzo Gopchevich, Trieste, Italy

2013  Group exhibition, Pionier Art Center Ljubljana, Slovenia



Teaching: Blue Language Workshop, Florence (IT), 2017

Artist in residency, Contemporary art Museum Villa Manin, Udine, Italy, 2017

Performance art intensive training, Vest and Page (workshop series in collaboration with International Venice performance Artweek), Venice, 2016

Teaching: Blue Language Workshop, Rome (IT), 2016

Selection for Primavera prize, Društvo likovnih umetnikov Maribor, Slovenia, 2015


1993-2000 Dance academy Tartini/ ballet

2000-2004 Kazina Dance School /jazz ballet/ show dance

2009-2013 Sigmund Freud University Vienna, Bachelor degree

2012-2016  Specialization in psychoanalysis

2011-2013  Art school Ljubljana, Pionier Art Center school, Sculpture