AS ABOVE SO BELOW, 2019. Installation, Myymälä2 Gallery, Helsinki Finland

with Otto Urpelainen


The ambiental rain machine is rhythmically dropping various patterns of water in the pool. The dialogue of patterns recreates dialogues of Ana Mrovlje and Otto Urpelainen that were documented in their two-year long experience and exchange centered on collecting, consuming and meditating upon rain between Ljubljana and Helsinki, captured in the text called Rain Diaries. What emerges is a narrative that folds and unfolds upon itself in a kind of magical realism, where the physical properties of rain become the catalyst for new inquiries. By elongating and contracting time and space, exhibition constructs a place where reflections can be protected, something akin to Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s “House of Clouds.” But despite its roving choreography, Rain Diaries must ultimately reside in a fixed position and to truly engage with it we are required to participate in its transience. Its poetic qualities rely on an ability to imagine scenarios that intersect without specificity and intertwine without precision. It creates a wondering that can only take place in Browning’s “morning chair,” the kind that the “poet-dream may sit in.”