2020 VIR Viafarini artist in residency 



2019 Rain Diaries, Gallery Kapelica, Modul, Ljubljana, Slovenia, collaboration with Otto Urpelainen                               

2019 Another, Sigmund Freud University Ljubljana, Slovenia

2019 As Above so Below, Gallery Myymala2, Helsinki, Finland, collaboration with Otto Urpelainen                           

2017 Anechoic, Ana Mrovlje & Dan Allon, Gallery glass atrium, Town House Ljubljana, Slovenia                                

2016 Another, Universal Atelier of Street Art, Ljubljana, Slovenia

2015 Read my Lips, Gallery space Central Station, Ljubljana, Slovenia                                                                                        

2015 Intimateness, Gallery EContemporary, Trieste, Italy 


2020 Lustprinzip, Ti do la mia parolla, Curated by Butik Collective, online platform   

2019 Not only cigarettes, Video in public space, Viareggio, Italija

2018 Qui, dove tu vivi, Casa Murabito, Casoli, Italija

2017 Installment of Location: Between Present and Future, Our Prime Property

2017 B#side War, Group exhibition, Treviso, Italy

2017 Nowhere is Now Here, Villa Manin, Passariano, Codroipo UD, Italy

2017 Embodied Memory, Villa Manin, Passariano, Codroipo UD, Italy                                                                                   

2017 Memory as a Living Matter / La memoria della guerra attraverso la materia, La Sala Umberto Veruda, Trieste, Italy

2016 Sit Down and Deal with War Inside of You, interactive installation, Caos Art gallery Venezia, Venice, Italy 2016 Unesco, International Art Education Week

2016 You are a refugee, Lose Your Labels Carrozzerie N.o.t. Rome, Italy 

2016 Tabula Plena, Lose Your Labels, performance, Carrozzerie N.o.t. Rome, Italy 2015 Peacestool, Sessel Festwoche, Hallein, Austria

2015 Werkshau, Alte Saline, Salzburg-Hallein, Austria                                                                                                                   

2015 Boomerang, Creative Zone Šiška, Open atelie, Ljubljana, Slovenia

2015 Primavera, Gallery of Fine Art Association, Maribor, Slovenia

2015 Artefatto Reset, Palazzo Gopchevich, Trieste, Italy 2013 Group exhibition, Pionier Art Center Ljubljana, Slovenia 


2017 Sub-object, Vila Manin, Passariano, Codroipo UD, Italy

2017 Performing Art 3Days: The Constant State of Emergency, performance, Gallery Fornace Pasquinucci, Florence, Italy

2017 Performing Art 3Days: Please I want More, performance, Gallery Fornace Pasquinucci, Florence, Italy

2017 Opening performance of Anna Halprin Planetary dance, Viva Arte Viva, Venice Biennale, Giardini, Venice, Italy

2016 Mayday Venice International Performance Week, C32 Workshop series with Vest & Page

2015 Schmiede, Through the City, performance, Hallein, Austria                                                                                            

2015 Boomerang, Creative Zone Šiška, Open atelie, Ljubljana, Slovenia 



Rain Diaries, Author with Otto Urpelainen (2019), published and on sale in Gallery Myymala2, 1 – 40, Helsinki, Finland Oravecz, R. & Mrovlje, A. (2018). Suicide with the Hostile Intend. Kairos – Slovenian Journal for Psychotherapy, 12/1- 2, 75 – 83.

Mrovlje, A. (2017). About The Voices that other do not hear. Journal Viva, junij 2017. 

Mrovlje, A. (2016). Anna Freud: The daughter of psychoanalysis. Kairos – Slovenian Journal for Psychotherapy, 10/ 3- 4, 205 – 222. 

Mrovlje, A. (2016). Human from the Psychoneuroimmunological Perspective. Medicina inljudje,sept,16.

Mrovlje, A. (2015). About Lacan. Kairos – Slovenian Journal for Psychotherapy, 8/ 1-2, 140–160.         

Oravecz, R. & Mrovlje, A. (2015). Suicide letters and their role in the suicide process. Kairos – Slovenian Journal for Psychotherapy, 8/ 1 – 2, 69 – 85.                                                                                                                                             

Mrovlje, A. (2014). Obrazni izrazi kot izraz notranjega emocionalnega stanja. Kairos/ slovenska revija za psihoterapijo, 8/ 1-2, 109 – 121. 



2017 Artist in residency, Contemporary art Museum Villa Manin, Udine, Italy         

2016 Performance art residency, Vest and Page (workshop series in collaboration with International Venice performance Artweek), Venice Forte Marghera, Italy       

2015 Schmiede, Hallein Austria 



2020 Working grant, Ministry of Culture, Ljubljana Slovenia 

2020 Awarded with scholarship in Naba, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti, Milano, Italy 

2019 Exhibition grant, Municipality of Ljubljana culture department, Slovenia                           

2019 Winner of Frame grant, Helsinki, Finland         

2015 Awarded winner in Festival Artefatto Reset with a Solo Exhibition Artefatto Zoom in Trieste, Italy    

2015 Nomination for the award Primavera, Association of Fine Arts Maribor, Slovenia 



2018 On the border of contact, director and creator of workshop, CORP Ljubljana, Slovenia 

2017 Creator and director of The constant state of emergency Workshop, Gallery Fornace Pasquinucci, Florence, Italy 

2016 Directing and teaching: Blue Language Workshop, Carrozerie N.O.T. and IED Rome, Italy