Ana Mrovlje (1989) is intermedia artist born in Ljubljana, Slovenia. She dedicates her art practice to research of experience as an embodied event and investigation of the unconsciousness by using diverse mediums such as sculpture, performance and photography to create installations with the interactive approach putting a strong emphasis on visual and processual part of the artwork and the research before the creation of the art piece. The visuality of the work for me comes as a consequence of the research and process in which she participates beforehand. Through art installations and live acts she draws on ideas and subjects related to the unconscious mind and its encapsulation in the human body. Taking a body as a form of capitalistic currency in the later projects she address the digitalisation and transformation of the position of the material body. Through her close investigations of the psyche she questions how individual’s sanity is related to the collective insanity. Desire and phantasy are fields of her interest. Each of the projects is an encounter, binding the materialized work with the content. Art has the ability to express what language cannot. In her works she provokes the lines drawn between the constructed social perspectives and the prevalent standpoints by reflecting the blind spots of both.